National Horticulture Mission Jharkhand (2023)

National Horticulture Mission i.e. National Horticulture Mission, this effort is being made continuously by the Government of India. Many benefits should be provided to the farmer brothers by the National Horticulture Mission. And they should be made aware that how good gardening can be done. Continuously the Government of India is giving a lot of encouragement to the people in the field of horticulture. So that the farmer brothers can get a lot of benefits in horticulture.

The Government of India is trying to make the farmer brothers stronger from the economic condition through this scheme. Under the NHM mission, such a process is being told to all the farmer brothers. From where he can harvest a good crop and get a good amount in return. So that there will be good quality crops and the farmers will get a lot of benefit from it.

National Horticulture Mission Subsidy Schemes.

There is another very good scheme under the National Horticulture Mission. In which the farmer brothers are being given a 75 percent subsidy for many other crops like pineapple cultivation, pomegranate cultivation, flower cultivation, spices cultivation, papaya, sweet lemon, lemon, etc. Many people have got this benefit. National Horticulture Mission (NHM)

In this scheme, different subsidies are being given to the farmer brothers on many crops. We have listed some here. If you want to get more detailed information then you can visit the official website. Jharkhand State Horticulture Mission झारखंड राज्य बागवानी मिशन.

  • Papaya Farming:- You are being given a 75% subsidy in papaya farming. There is a very golden opportunity for the farmer brothers.
  • Beekeeping:- You are being given a 75 to 90 percent subsidy on beekeeping.
  • Dragon Fruit and Strawberry:- You will be given a 50% subsidy on Dragon Fruit and Strawberry.
  • Many types of fruits: – Here you can take advantage of subsidy by gardening many types of fruits, which we have told earlier.

What is the objective of the National Horticulture Mission?

National Horticulture Mission (NHM) is being implemented by the Government of India under a very important mission. So that the horticulture farmer brothers will be taught to grow crops properly. So that there will be good crops and the farmers will get a good price for them. In this mission, many such techniques will be told, by which a good amount of crops can be grown without fertilizers. (National Bagwani Mission) Rashtriya Bagwani Mission.

Horticulture Crops in Jharkhand

Furthermore but the statistics on the production of fruits in Jharkhand reveal that farmers in Jharkhand are showing an interest in the field. In the year 2020-21, the fruit was grown on 100.27 thousand acres of land within the state. Because of this, 1203.64 thousand tonnes of fruits were harvested. The yield per hectare is 12 tonnes and the national productivity was 14.82 tons per hectare. Vegetables were grown on 295.95 thousand hectares over this time. In all, 3603.41 thousand tonnes of vegetables were grown.

If you look at it this way the vegetable production within the State was 12.17 per hectare, whereas the national production rate is 18.4 tons per hectare. The state also leads when it comes to the production of flowers. In Jharkhand through the cultivation of flowers on 0.99 thousand hectares farmers were able to produce 4.64 million metric tons of flowers. This means that the number of flowers measured 4.68 tonnes/per hectare and the national average is 6.57 tonnes of metric per hectare.

When was the National Horticulture Mission established?

This scheme is very beneficial for the farmer brothers. The National Horticulture Mission scheme was launched in May 2005. The objective of this scheme is to develop horticulture areas.

IARI Hazaribagh OSD Vishal Nath states that Jharkhand could be the horticulture-focused state of the nation. The climate and the geographical conditions of Jharkhand are ideal for cultivating fruit and flowers. In terms of fruits, the producing fruits such as mango as well as guava, litchi Chiku, jackfruit, sarifa amla, tamarind, and sarifa be cultivated in Jharkhand. Additionally, Pears and Peaches can be grown at higher altitudes. Apple is a fruit that grows in warmer climates and is also being grown in Jharkhand. Strawberry and dragon fruit are also cultivated in Jharkhand. Vishal Nath has said that the climate is ideal for strawberry and dragon fruit cultivation in this state.

NHM Jharkhand important Link

Where is the National Horticulture Mission Jharkhand, the link to the official website has been given? From where you can know about this mission and then in detail. Jharkhand State Horticulture Mission.

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